Sabine (Conor Leslie).


Played by Conor Leslie

Beautiful Sabine charms her way to Dawson City looking to trade on her looks and make a quick killing as a courtesan. But the dangerous boomtown has a way of turning dreams into dust and her world spirals into a place darker than she bargained for. It isn’t until an unlikely player intercedes that Sabine finds any chance at redemption.

About Conor Leslie (Actor)

Conor Leslie began working in national commercials at the age of 13 in New York City. When she was 15 she landed her first television pilot, “M.O.N.Y.” directed by Spike Lee. Roles in independent films and several guest spots on television shows such as “Law and Order,” “Revenge” and “Rizzoli & Isles” soon followed. She recently appeared in the independent film “Parts Per Billion” opposite Rosario Dawson, Gena Rowlands, Frank Langella and Josh Hartnett.

Watch VideoSabine's Appeal.

Sabine (Conor Leslie) strikes a pose as she takes stock of her surroundings.

Sabine (Conor Leslie) in a Dawson City saloon.

Sabine (Conor Leslie) at Bennett Lake.

Sabine (Conor Leslie) at Bennett Lake.