Hoping to be famous, writer Jack London (Johnny Simmons) looks for stories in Dawson City.

Jack London

Played by Johnny Simmons

Jack London is in Dawson for the stories and the adventure. Jack envisions himself a famous writer, gathering the stories that will make him a legend. He spends most of his time drinking, listening and writing. He makes it out of Dawson and back to fame and fortune, but the Klondike takes her cut – he arrived at 19 and after one season leaves a toothless alcoholic looking 30.

About Johnny Simmons (Actor)

Johnny Simmons is an American actor who was born in Alabama and raised in Texas. After high school, Simmons moved to Los Angeles and landed his first role in the feature film “Evan Almighty” playing opposite Steve Carell. This led to a series of roles in such films as “The Greatest,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “21 Jump Street.” In 2012 he co-starred with Emma Watson in the teen drama “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” He will be seen in the upcoming comedy feature “Frank and Cindy” with Oliver Platt and Rene Russo.

Watch VideoJack London (Johnny Simmons) in the Yukon.

Jack London (Johnny Simmons)

Jack London (Johnny Simmons) (left) and Bill Haskell (Richard Madden) tramp through a forest.

Writer Jack London (Johnny Simmons) kneels next to a fallen man.

Writer Jack London (Johnny Simmons) bellies up to the bar with his journal.