Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish).

Belinda Mulrooney

Played by Abbie Cornish

Belinda Mulrooney knows that in 1897 the only place where a woman can make her mark and maintain her independence is in a town like Dawson City, a place so isolated and remote that gender is an afterthought to people in need of shelter and supplies to stay alive. A shrewd businesswoman, Belinda made it to Dawson early and began selling the goods she brought with her to the miners. With the money she made, she doubled down and began buying businesses, then real estate. By the time the Klondike Gold Rush was in full swing, she was set up nicely as the hotel, restaurant and sawmill magnate of Dawson. While building her dream property, The Fairview Hotel — soon to be largest and finest hotel in all of the Klondike — two men arrive in Dawson that upset her focus and her power – Bill Haskell and The Count.

About Abbie Cornish (Actor)

Abbie Cornish began an award-winning acting career as a young girl in her native Australia. Since 2004 she has garnered a host of awards including the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actress at the FCCA and IF Awards and Best Breakthrough Performance at the 2005 Miami International Film Festival for her role in “Somersault.” Cornish received critical acclaim for her role in the 2006 feature “Candy,” opposite Heath Ledger. She has starred in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” “Limitless,” “W.E.,” “Sucker Punch” and “Seven Psychopaths.” Soon Cornish will be seen in the action sci-fi thriller “Robocop.”

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Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish) has big plans for Dawson City.

Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish).

Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish) captains a dogsled.

Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish) conducts business in Dawson City.

Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish) stands out as one of the few women in Dawson City's crowded streets.

Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish) has a shrewd mind for business.

Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish) strides purposefully through the night in Dawson's tent city.

Firearms are among the many skills mastered by Belinda Mulrooney (Abbie Cornish).